Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!!

At least until January 10 when school starts again. Yes ladies and gents, I have officially completed my third semester of nursing school and am one step closer to graduation. Although I will still be working full time and figuring out what my schedule will be like during my fourth and final semester, life is going to be so so good for the next three and a half weeks. I have already been so productive. After my last final I went to lunch today in celebration of living through the last sixteen weeks! I have never felt like I had earned Cafe Rio so much before. Then the Christmas shopping started. After several hours I have almost completed that huge task. I was able to spend some quality time with my sister and cute neice and still had time to stop by the library to grab some reading materials. I had forgotten what the inside of a real book looked like - too much time reading textbooks, I guess. Now, I feel like I can fully enjoy the Christmas season and look forward to the holiday while listening to the beautiful ring of these bells...

For those of you still enduring the dread of the rest of this week...GOOD LUCK!!!! The end is in sight and at some point, you too, will feel just like I do at this time. Happy studies!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

dear mouse in my house

Please, please, please go away! I can hear you on the floor, in the walls, and in the ceiling. It's not fun for me to hear the scratching of your little feet around my house while I try to study for finals. Please spare me (more like my husband) the time and energy it takes to get rid of you. You may have noticed that two of your friends/family haven't come back. I know it's cold outside but don't make us do to you what we had to do to them. Perhaps if you were as cute and looked at me like this little guy.....

but then again...DEFINITELY NOT!!! GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

And the blogging begins....

Let me get you up to speed on the happenings of our life together. Jon and I met about four years ago at the University of Utah where we were both attending school. We had a couple of classes together and I just couldn't keep my eyes off of him. :) I hinted to him that he definitely needed to take me out and he called me shortly after that. We dated just over one year before we got engaged and were married in the Salt Lake Temple three and a half months later in March 2008.

Life together has been absolutely fantastic. Crazy nonetheless....but definitely fantastic. Through the ups and downs life brings, our love has grown even stronger for each other. He is just the greatest man ever!!!! After we were married, we continued with school and found out that I was accepted to the UofU College of Nursing which was just about the best news ever. We live in a townhome in Draper which has been great for us. We love the neighborhood, ward, and friends we have made. After about a year of marriage, Jon realized he wanted to go into accounting so he transferred down to BYU and was accepted into their accounting program which again, was just about the best news ever. Yes...we go to different schools...and we don't fight on game day. ;)

It has only gotten crazier since then. Among the craziness, we try to remember how blessed we truly are to be in the programs of our choice at the schools of our choice. But sometimes it's hard to find the time to remember even that...especially as it gets close to finals. It's sometimes hard to be excited to come home after a 14-15 hour day just to sit across the table from each other or next to each other on the couch only to touch toes while we study. However, at least we get to do that. We definitely LOVE to snuggle! I will graduate this coming May which will possibly be the best day ever -I can't wait to get out of school! Jon will graduate in May 2012. He's not as anxious as I am to graduate but I'm sure he will be as it gets closer. Besides school, work is also a huge part of our lives. Jon is currently doing an internship with the University Venture Fund where he is learning so much and hopefully figuring out a little more of what he wants to do with the rest of his life. ;) I am primarily working with a neurosurgeon which is the absolute greatest job I have ever had! I totally fell into it and feel like that is where I'm supposed to be. I am also learning so much and am so happy there. I also work as a CNA at the U Hospital on the weekend and a HUC at IMC but only when I feel like I can squeeze that in...which is, unfortunately, not too often.

I mostly can't wait til I graduate so I can do all of the many things that I don't have time to do because I am in school. People always tell me that I will be just as busy once I graduate but I don't get it because how is just working full time busier than working full time and going to school full time? It just doesn't match up. And filling up the remainder of your time with things you actually want to do instead of going to school will make life much more enjoyable. Am I right? I am actually checking off one of the things on my list by writing this post. I wanted to start a blog because I think it's so fun to look at other blogs and I'm not so great in the journal writing department so I thought this might be the next best thing. So thanks to my good friend Jarah and an extremely boring maternity lecture...the blog is finally here! There are many other things that I will start doing after these next six months go by. I don't want to make a list now because I'm sure more things will come up as I go but I will definitely write about them as I check them off the list. And Sarah...I know I'm not too swell in the picture department but I promise I will try to be better and actually post pictures here.

I am also so excited for Christmas. I just love the season where everyone is in a cheery mood because the holidays are here! Some of our decorations are put up because my cute husband wanted to surprise me when I got home from work last Saturday...what a great surprise it was! However, my Christmas tree is only half put up and I don't have any shopping done but that will come when finals are over.

Other than that, I don't have too much else to say. Thanks for reading. I hope I will keep you as entertained and updated as your blog has for me.

Until next time...