Monday, April 30, 2012


You know when you have a crappy day?! Like it's going all smooth and you're thinking it's a great start to a new week and then you just get hit with everything? Then you have a debbie-downer of a day and are so busy that six hours go by in what seems like a blink? Well, write down ten things you're grateful for and you start to feel better...

That's my advice for the day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things I'm Happy About

I stole this title from a blog I read....but I thought it was a good idea. I hope she doesn't mind. ;)

-Today is Jon's last day of studying!!!! I can't believe that we have reached this point. His last final is tomorrow morning and then GRADUATION on Friday. I think I might be a little more excited than he is but I think he's pretty excited as well. What a milestone!! I'm so proud of him.
-My space heater that keeps me warm since my office is absolutely FREEZING.
- There is a new episode of Grey's Anatomy on this week. I love new episodes!
- I'm all caught up on work stuff. The doc is out of town so I've had plenty of time to play catch up. P.S I LOVE my job!!
- I tried a new recipe last week and it was a total success. I think I will try another one sometime soon.
- I'm FINALLY updating my blog. I really apologize. I haven't even been busy or anything...just haven't gotten around to it.
- I have successfully kept my room clean for three days straight! That's a real big deal in my household.
- The show 'New Girl''s hilarious!!
- My new mug that I got for free....hopefully it will help me drink as much water as I should be during the day.
- I actually went running - MIRACLE!
- My family is so great and I love spending time with them - immediate and in-laws.
- Compliments that I get - they seriously make my day.
- I get to babysit my niece and nephew tonight. Best. Thing. EVER!
- Going out for dinner on Friday for Jon's Graduation....big hooray.
- I turned in my library books on time. And even though I didn't read three of them, I did read one.
- I went shopping...for me, for Jon, and for both of us!! :)
- Surgery tomorrow and I'm off on Friday. So technically, tomorrow is my Friday.
- Hulu...need I say more?
- I've been making a list of things I love about Jon. He's the best and so is it. Even on the worst of worst days, I can take a look at it and can't help but smile.

There's much more to be happy about. So many things going on and so many little things to be grateful for. I think I will try to make this a weekly occurrence. That way I will always feel like I have something to write about. :)