About Us

Want to get to know us better? Here are a few simple facts....

I am a student at the University of Utah....studying to be a nurse....and graduating in about 3 weeks with my BSN-RN! I simply can't wait to finish and don't plan to go back....at least not for a while. ;)
I currently work with Dr. Joel MacDonald, a University of Utah Neurosurgeon, in Murray and absolutely love most everyday there.
Some likes/loves include: my husband, spring (I so wish it would come soon), Bear Lake, reading (for fun-like books from the library, not the health sciences bookstore), hanging with the family, my job, snow skiing, water sports, date night, bunco night, the fact that school is coming to an end shortly, and I hope to enjoy running and working out at some point in my near future.

He is currently a student at Brigham Young University....in the MAcc Program...he will be done in three semesters! Unfortunately, he starts back a day before I'm finished and will go through summer. Kind of a bummer but at least he's almost done as well. He is currently studying for the GMAT and has high hopes for MBA school so I guess the end is not really the end. But that's in the future and I have to focus on the now. ;)
He just finished an internship with Ernst & Young, and works with University Venture Fund which he really enjoys.
Some likes/loves include: his wife, learning, basketball, chillin with the fam, 84038, true stories (movies, that is), and working around the house.

Even though we go to school at opposite ends of the valley we enjoy life because we're together (yes...even on game day). We just celebrated our third anniversary last month and have loved every minute of being married. I don't want to give a false pretense that life isn't full of ups and downs because it is...and so is marriage. And when you're going through rough times, it can be hard to be grateful for those moments. However, looking back, we truly are grateful for the things we have gone through, both good and bad because they have brought our relationship to what it is today.
We live in Draper in a cute townhome that we have been in from the moment we got back from our honeymoon. It's perfect for us! We love the neighborhood and the ward and are grateful for the friends we continue to make there. Not to mention the fact that we are close to Boondocks....we have had some great date nights! We are in the middle of a slight remodel so that's kind of fun (now that the rest of the house has been deep cleaned to get rid of the dust!). We are taking it in shifts so it's not such a hit in the pocket but it's been a really nice change.
Some likes/loves include: each other!, traveling (hopefully more in the future), date night, touching da toes, watching movies, talking, snuggling on the floor and falling asleep, BOONDOCKS, hanging with our families, and we're pretty much up for anything as long as we're together.