Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thank you Pioneers!

I was in much need of another long weekend!! :) But seriously....I really am so grateful for the Pioneers and what they went through for their posterity. All I need to say is the movie 17 Miracles. One movie. 17 miraculous stories (and probably more, I didn't really count). And one sobbing girl in the theater. Nothing will put life into more perspective than sitting down and watching that one. I definitely couldn't have done it but I will always be in debt to those who did.

As for the weekend. WOW!! Loved it. We went to the lake and enjoyed great weather and even greater company. It's so fun to spend some quality time with family and I'm lucky enough to be able to spend it with some extended family as well. Since Friday was just work and travel our weekend didn't really start until Saturday. Jonny got up early with dad and John and had an early morning boat ride (boys only!!). They had a good time and just like the good wives we are, we had breakfast ready for them when they pulled up. Then the real fun started. Water, boats, sun...mmm....yes please! We literally played all day and only took small breaks for potty and drinks to make sure we didn't get dehydrated. :)

Check it out....This...

Coupled with this...

Could life get any better?! I submit that it could not!!

Then Sunday came. We had to get up super early in order to make it to the early session of church. It was good and then we mostly relaxed. Bear Lake on a Sunday is the most relaxing place ever. It's still beautiful to look at and just so peaceful. We were in charge of making dinner and I, unfortunately, burned my arm on the oven trying to fit all of the ginormous Costco potatoes in with a pot of ribs. Bummer!! It wasn't too bad though. Not really any pain and it didn't even break the skin.

Sunday came and went and we were on to Monday. My dad had to go back to work so we were missing him terribly. However,mom, Jon, and I were able to tag-a-long with Kev, Karen, Kara, and Kolette and we sure had a blast. We went skiing, wakeboarding (I even short-started off the dock), and then we attempted to quadruple wakeboard and kneeboard but a terrible wind came up and it only lasted like 20 seconds with all of us up at the same time. They tried to get some pics but my mom and aunt are terrible with the camera. Ha! ;) Can I just does my body hurt!!!! Since it's been a couple of days, I'm beginning to recover but every time I moved I was reminded of how good the weekend was. The only bad thing about Monday is the fact that because I was in the water all day, the burn on my arm became soggy and my skin peeled off. So now it's an open sore. And it's right in a place where no matter how I place my arm, I can't seem to not hit, scrape, or touch it. I have a feeling that it will take awhile to heal. I just hope it doesn't scar.

Groaning because we didn't want to leave, we were finally on our way home. Since my dad left early Monday morning we had the treat of my mom coming with us! We had a good couple of hours just chatting and made it home in enough time to see a great show of these....

Thanks Johnny P for being a pyro and getting us front row tickets to your shows!! It was great fun!

Although the weekend was fantastic....all good things usually come to an end. Tuesday I was thrown into orientation for work. For all of you out there who hate orientation, I'm right there with you. First, why does it take literally eight hours to say stuff that could be said in less than four? Plus, since I have been an employee of the U for five years now, I pretty much know all they talked about. Who's idea was it to have me go for formality purposes?! stink!! Worst day ever but at least a good raise came out of it, right? ;)I'm really excited to start the next chapter of my working career. I love my job and can't wait to add some more opportunities to learn and grow.

Jon is still in school and enjoying his religion classes. He is just cranking away and no longer wants to study at night since I don't have to. Although I try to be good and try to keep myself busy or not bug him, it usually doesn't happen. It makes for a crazy morning before classes for him but he says it's worth it. :) Needless to say, we are both excited for him to be done.

That's pretty much it for now, I think. Oh, I got a new purse and am absolutely loving it!! Call me crazy but I love purses. Your whole life is jammed into one cute little (sometimes not so little) bag. This one is a little bigger than my previous one so hopefully it won't start falling apart because it's being stretched so badly. Ha! Oh the simple pleasures of life.

We have a couple of exciting adventures coming up over the next couple of weeks so I will try to be good and take my camera to capture the image of our lives. But for now that's all I have. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Story of the night!

So this great little story occurred on Wednesday night. Jon and I had walked down the street to one of our neighbors houses to give them some ice cream for their birthday. We stayed and chatted for a little while and then decided, despite the wind, that we would go for a little walk. Jon still had some homework to do and I wanted to get back to my book (I have finally found a good one to read) so it was just going to be a quick one so we could get to bed on time. When we made it back around to our house, we realized we didn't have the key to get in. We were literally locked out of our house!! It was completely my fault because earlier that morning I had taken the house key off of the car keys because I had forgotten something in the house after I started the car and, of course, I didn't put it back on the key ring. Unfortunately, Jon grabbed those keys before leaving the house. The other thing that made this a complete bummer was the fact that the car that was outside the garage (we only have a one car garage) was not the car we had the keys to. So we basically couldn't get in our car to drive to get another key!

I called my mom and she came to our rescue. She drove out to our house to pick us up to take us to our cousins house who had the key. Normally, it's my mom that has the spare key but she had given it to our cousins when they were doing some remodeling. Luckily, he lives in Riverton so it wasn't too far away. We drove out and got the key, came home, and guess what?!.....It WASN'T our key!!!! We were at a loss! It was almost 11 at night and we were hoping we weren't going to have to sleep at someone else's house that night. Luckily, we called our other cousin (who works with the first one we visited) and he said he might have it. He lives in Saratoga Springs so we met him halfway and after seeing the keys I was quite skeptical if any of them were ours. We had wishful thinking though and took the one we thought might be ours. We drove home and luckily, it was it! We finally got into our house and went to bed! So much for studying....OOPS!

Moral of the story....when you take the house key off your key ring, put it back on. (Or have a keypad on your garage, or call the locksmith instead of drive all over the valley to find one measley little key.) Pretty anything you can to avoid the situation we were in on Wednesday. Although we were laughing about it (and still are) it really wasn't a fun thing to be put through. :)