Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last Lecture...

Yesterday, I officially sat through my last college lecture....EVER!! Isn't that great?! Now only an eight page paper, three exams, and shopping for a new dress sits between me and graduation. HOORAY!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

post grad dreaming....

After this....

I'm dreaming about this....

running a marathon (but more realistically a half)

taking ballroom classes with my honey

starting and finishing P90X

reading for fun

learning how to sew and actually doing it

being more invested in my blog

having time to go to lunch with friends/family

perfecting my cooking skills (or at least being a good follower of recipes)

finding a job

helping my sister with her TWO babies

becoming a parent (no rush on that though)

being a better wife, daughter, sister, member, and friend

working on who I'm going to be rather than what I'm going to be

learning Swedish

doing whatever I want when I get home from work at night


I'm sure more will come but that's all my fried brain can think of at the



Friday, April 15, 2011

Steel Magnolias

So today, while at work, I decided to turn on a little netflix and began browsing through the movies. After a short few seconds of looking, my eyes fell upon this classic show. One I used to watch multiple times while growing up (while April and I hung out with Grandma Lucille) and never really knew what it was all about. I thought I would give it a try.....WOW!

Such a begins with the wedding day of Shelby (wonderfully played by Julia Roberts). And it starts to tell the story of a regular family. A mother and daughter who don't get along, a husband who goes into deep measures to carry out what his wife says (even shooting blanks to get the birds out of the trees). Two brothers who don't want to do anything anybody tells them, and a love story that you know will fight anything. As they prepare for the wedding, Shelby and her mother, M'lynn go to Truvy's to get their hair done. There, we are introduced to four new characters who later, we find, play a big part (in my opinion) in this story. They are the classic group of friends coupled with M'lynn, the one who holds everything together - always carrying on....there is the one who finds herself and is happy with who she is, the sweet one who likes to know everything about everyone, the happy-go-lucky one who tells it like it is, and the grumpy one who secretly has a sense of humor.

For those of who don't know or remember what happens, here it is in a nutshell...Shelby has diabetes. The doctors have told her that she SHOULDN'T have children. However, through not being able to adopt due to her medical history, she and her husband decide to go through with it. She gets pregnant. And she lives. Life goes on; she lives in a different town with her family but she comes back every once in awhile (which is where the story catches on). They meet back at Truvy's do get some new do and it is told that having her son meant her kidneys were shot. She needs a kidney transplant and she's going to get it from her mother (don't they always come to our rescue?!) They go through with it the next day and things turn out well....for a little while. Shelby knows that there is something up but continues to live life. One day, things don't turn out so well. Her husband comes home to dinner cooking on the stove, chairs toppled over, and a crying baby. He looks for Shelby and finds her unconscious after falling down a few steps with the phone by her side (she attempted to call him). The next few scenes are of her in the hospital on life support. Her mother never leaving her side. She never wakes back up. Her husband decides to withdraw support and she dies fairly instantly. Then it's the funeral. It's a beautiful funeral with many attendees but it's after the funeral that gets to me. These five friends meet up once again in the gardens. The four characters come to M'lynn's rescue. As she sobs and sobs and finally lets out her true feelings, each friend uses their unique personality to help her through it.

As I sobbed and sobbed through this part and for a little while after (good thing I was alone) I realized how much I truly do love this show! It has a great meaning. You know what?! Life is hard, really hard and sometimes in downright sucks! There are hard times, rough times, and times that you are surprised that things actually got worse when you didn't think it possible. That's what friends are for....whether they be husbands, wives, parents, siblings, extended family, a loving Heavenly Father and brother Jesus Christ, people you grew up with, those you went to school with, those you just met...friends are friends and they help you through these rough times. So this is to all of you out there who are my friends; those I've known forever, those I've known a long time, those I've known for a short time, those I've just met, and those I will continue meet throughout my life - to those who have helped me through rough times....I LOVE YOU!! I'm so grateful we know each other and hope that I can help you in a way that you have helped me. I'm happy we keep in contact and hope to reconnect with those I have lost contact with. Life is too precious to not be grateful for what you have. Things can change in an instant. This is my time to be happy and show gratitude. THANK YOU!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday (2)

Happy Thursday everybody!

Here is my little list of thanks for the last little bit (since my last post at least).

finishing capstone
starting and almost completing psych clinical
people who are willing to share their whole lives with you just to have a few minutes to talk to someone
completing the kitchen remodel (besides painting)
the Relief Society social and how smoothly it went
my husband....for who he is and what he does
a good friend's wedding shower
potlucks at work
ward temple night
a friend's most welcome invitation to their cabin for a weekend getaway
general conference and for all the messages shared there
redo in the hair department to keep me lookin so good ;)
registering for the NCLEX and actually applying for licensure
field trips to the 4th street clinic, alliance house, CTP, and the jail to help realize how grateful i am for my life
scratching all things off of my list of things to do each week
and last but not least, I must give a shout out to my daddy since it's his birthday today....the big 50! Love you tons and I'm thankful for you in my life each and every day.

I encourage you all to try makes even the gloomiest, snowiest, cold days like today bright. Be thankful for what's in your life. Who knows?! You might find something new that you've never thought of before.