Friday, July 1, 2011

Story of the night!

So this great little story occurred on Wednesday night. Jon and I had walked down the street to one of our neighbors houses to give them some ice cream for their birthday. We stayed and chatted for a little while and then decided, despite the wind, that we would go for a little walk. Jon still had some homework to do and I wanted to get back to my book (I have finally found a good one to read) so it was just going to be a quick one so we could get to bed on time. When we made it back around to our house, we realized we didn't have the key to get in. We were literally locked out of our house!! It was completely my fault because earlier that morning I had taken the house key off of the car keys because I had forgotten something in the house after I started the car and, of course, I didn't put it back on the key ring. Unfortunately, Jon grabbed those keys before leaving the house. The other thing that made this a complete bummer was the fact that the car that was outside the garage (we only have a one car garage) was not the car we had the keys to. So we basically couldn't get in our car to drive to get another key!

I called my mom and she came to our rescue. She drove out to our house to pick us up to take us to our cousins house who had the key. Normally, it's my mom that has the spare key but she had given it to our cousins when they were doing some remodeling. Luckily, he lives in Riverton so it wasn't too far away. We drove out and got the key, came home, and guess what?!.....It WASN'T our key!!!! We were at a loss! It was almost 11 at night and we were hoping we weren't going to have to sleep at someone else's house that night. Luckily, we called our other cousin (who works with the first one we visited) and he said he might have it. He lives in Saratoga Springs so we met him halfway and after seeing the keys I was quite skeptical if any of them were ours. We had wishful thinking though and took the one we thought might be ours. We drove home and luckily, it was it! We finally got into our house and went to bed! So much for studying....OOPS!

Moral of the story....when you take the house key off your key ring, put it back on. (Or have a keypad on your garage, or call the locksmith instead of drive all over the valley to find one measley little key.) Pretty anything you can to avoid the situation we were in on Wednesday. Although we were laughing about it (and still are) it really wasn't a fun thing to be put through. :)

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